Torre Boost | Rank higher. Pay $0 until hired.
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Rank higher. Pay $0 until hired.

Open to qualified candidates looking for remote work in technology.

Torre Boost Benefit 1

Rank higher after applying

Get an extra boost when being compared to other applicants for the same job.

Torre Boost Benefit 2

Rank higher in search results

Whenever a recruiter searches for people with your skills, you will get a boost up in their results.

Torre Boost Benefit 3

Apply early

Be the first to receive notifications for new jobs that match with you.

Torre Boost Benefit 4

Be suggested more often

Have your genome shown more often to recruiters while they manage possible candidates.

No upfront payments. How it works:

  • Request invite, get approved
  • Sign your digital contract
  • Get boosted
  • Get hired with Torre
  • Pay a small one-time fee based on your new earnings

How is the fee calculated?

For full-time jobs

Pay the equivalent of 1 month of your salary in up to 3 monthly installments after hired.

For flexible jobs

(part-time, freelance, consulting, etc)

Pay 8.33% of payments received from clients found in Torre for a year.