Actors and athletes have coaches and agents. So should you.

Used and backed by early investors and executives of

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How it works

  • Meet your agent and your coaches Your career partners become your dedicated team.
  • Get a career plan We build a customized roadmap every quarter.
  • Grow your career Every day, we work for you with coaching, job opportunities, and negotiation.

We handle everything such as:

  • Job placement We help you find jobs (full-time, flexible or freelance), get offers, and negotiate.
  • Networking We introduce you to experts, leaders, and fellow professionals.
  • Coaching Provided by your dedicated talent agent and other experts.
  • Personal branding We help you write a great résumé and build a strong online presence.
  • 24x7 support On-demand help from the entire Torre Coach team.

Founded and funded by experts

Person Image
Alexander Torrenegra

‘Shark Tank’ investor, MIT Innovator, World Economic Forum’s Young Global

Person Image
Tania Zapata

Co-founder of Voice123 and Bunny Studio, companies that have handled over one million artists auditions.

Person Image
David Orban

Faculty & Advisor, Singularity University
Managing Partner, Network Society Ventures

Pricing that benefits you

Less than 2 years of experience
20% of yearly base salary
2-5 years of work experience
15% of yearly base salary
5+ years of work experience
10% of yearly base salary
For professionals with a strong follower base
5% of yearly base salary