Engineering Manager

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Engineering Manager

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

Must have potential to develop

Organization(s) name(s)


Time zone

Monetary compensation

Monetary compensation

Why this opportunity exists

If you dream big and share our passion for completely remodeling the financial infrastructure of the region, we want you to be part of the leading open finance platform in Latin America and help us to build the innovator connection.


• You will work together with the data retrieval and scraping team, which is a specialized team developing and maintaining our financial ecosystem integrations. • Coach first, player second. You are a force multiplier for your team and have a passion for team and team members’ success. • Drive the execution and delivery of features and new products. • Set objectives, follow performance and provide feedback • Team happiness, wellbeing and productivity. • Participate in cross-functional coordination, planning, and reviews with leads from other engineering teams • Partner with Product Managers on objectives, priorities, tradeoffs and risk. • We don’t establish a fixed hands-on/off split, but we encourage you to to keep coding to keep your technical acumen sharp and to have a solid understanding of the technical challenges that your team faces. • Participate in technical decisions, contributing your technical knowledge as well as your strategic and planning inputs. • Establish processes and address growing pains during high-growth phases. • Participating in architecture discussions and planning. • Ability to act as Tech Lead and being more hands-on when required. • Maintain and foster our culture by interviewing and hiring only the most qualified individuals with an eye towards diversity.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• 3+ years of experience in engineering leadership and people management. • Exterience with data retrieval and scraping technology, preferably at large scale. • Past experience as a senior individual contributor. • Well rounded technical skills and ability to contribute to deeply technical discussions. • Experience recruiting and growing a team, in a context of rapid change and fast growth. • Ability to be nimble, proactive, comfortable working with minimal specifications and build a solid execution plan for your team. • Fintech and SaaS past experience • Experience building large-scale platforms with a global reach • Knowledge of our technical stack: Python, AWS and managed AWS services.

Language(s) required

English - Conversational
Spanish - Conversational


• Belvo is an engineering-focused technology startup. We are creating a product that is seeing strong demand and market traction. • As an engineering leader, your main areas of focus are your team, its people, their performance and their wellbeing. We are looking for individuals with a strong technical background and track record, who are able to lead, coordinate and coach an already stellar engineering team.

About the organization(s)

We are Belvo, a financial API platform for Latin America that enables any company or developer to access and interpret their end-users' financial information. We are turning the rich and diverse Latin American financial ecosystem into a set of developer-friendly tools and APIs. We’re a highly-technical, passionate and driven team. We are currently 70 people, projected to be 100+ by the end of 2021. We have offices in Barcelona, Mexico City, and São Paulo and a large portion of us work remotely. We are tackling a very challenging problem: connecting fintech innovators with legacy financial infrastructure. We strive to go beyond the limits of what is possible today and to do so in an elegant and developer-first way.

Team culture

•We work in cross-functional, autonomous teams. We follow continuous delivery best practices executed on top of a modern technology stack. • Our products are built for developers, by developers. Technological excellence is at the heart of what we do. • We are pragmatic and customer focused. • We strive to find the right set of trade-offs in order to validate our hypothesis as early as possible, iterating on our products based on customer feedback. • We communicate transparently. • We do weekly all hands where we get together to discuss company performance and goals. • We are a flexible international team focused on creating cool stuff. • Some of us prefer to work together in one of our offices and others prefer remote. • For us there's no difference as long as you have an excellent internet connection and are able to overlap with the team between 3pm and 6pm, CEST timezone. • Also we are backed by some of the leading investors in Silicon Valley and Latin America, including Founders Fund, Kaszek Ventures and YCombinator.

Additional benefits

• Flexible working hours
• Remote friendly
• Paid time off on your birthday
• Fresh fruit every week, all-you-can-drink tea and coffee
• Friday happy hours after our weekly team meetings
• Training budget
• Team building events
• Bank holidays swap inside the same month
• Fitness/ wellness stipends
• Yearly offsite

Additional compensation

• Stock options (we are all owners and this is very important to us)

Agreement type


Posted: May 12, 2021 10:06 PM

Melissa Erasso Rodríguez
Melissa Erasso Rodríguez Verified
Senior Recruiting Advisor
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