🤖💻 Lead software developer | C# 🤖💻

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🤖💻 Lead software developer | C# 🤖💻

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

5+ years of experience
Software development
3+ years of experience
Must have potential to develop

Organization(s) name(s)


Monetary compensation

USD$4.5K to 5K /month

Monetary compensation

USD$4.5K - 5K /month

Why this opportunity exists

Solvo Global is an alternative workforce solution partner providing top talent that US companies require to build great teams. We hire and retain the best talent available to serve US companies by creating a great culture, providing access to the best technology, best comp, and best benefits delivering a best-shore experience.


• This position will work closely with the leadership department to maintain existing applications, build new pipelines to link disparate systems, write and maintain comprehensive documentation, and contribute to a positive team experience. • The candidate will be working with external APIs and other third-party software. • Accountable for the applications the Solvo Dev team develops. • Track Solvo team velocity and provide metrics to US development management. • Responsible for delivering projects on budget, on time, to requirements, and with high quality. • Responsible for unit/system testing and post-release testing of Solvo developed applications, as well as our in-house applications. • Able to analyze and evaluate technical risks within the scope of the projects assigned to Solvo and make thorough recommendations.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Strong communication skills. • Experience working in a customer-facing capacity. • Optional: application experience with Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft CRM, or other ERP systems is a plus.

Language(s) required

English - Conversational

About the organization(s)

• Solvo is a professional service organization created to help companies optimize their workforce efforts, increase profitability, reduce HR risks, and offer peace of mind with proven results and a great partnership. • Our employees are hungry for success and highly motivated. Our clients appreciate our work ethic, professionalism, and the relationships cultivated over the years. • Our purpose is to grow our strategic partnerships in the US by providing near-shore outsourcing services while relieving the burden and distraction of specific business operations with a higher execution level for a lower price.

Team culture

• More than a team, we consider ourselves as family. Because we care about our employees, we invest in several employee wellness programs. We take care of our Soulvers by promoting wellbeing and well living. • From day one, we encourage people to maintain a proper work environment and to immerse themselves in our corporate culture, so you will never feel alone. • We make sure to give recognition to our Soulvers and help them when needed. We also provide a comprehensive benefits package. • Assessments of ergonomics, pet therapy as a stress-relief technique, and health days, in which you can even access an ophthalmologist are some of our strategies to make you reach the top of your game, and achieve your career goals. • For us, it’s about maintaining the happiness level as high as possible for the team. And it really is our motto since our core values point toward that direction, ensuring high morale. • Feedback is our most important tool. We are open to suggestions that help us grow and improve.

Additional benefits

• English classes for the employees and their family members.

Agreement type


Posted: June 25, 2021 07:59 PM

Daniela Orozco
Daniela Orozco
Talent Acquisition Associate
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