M13: Co-Founder - Technology and Product

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M13: Co-Founder - Technology and Product

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

Organization(s) name(s)


Time zone

Monetary compensation

USD$80K to 122K /year
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

Monetary compensation

USD$80K - 122K /year
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

We are building a consumer health technology platform that will enable patients to optimize their performance and longevity. Our goal is to leverage technology, broad data sets and novel diagnostics to take the friction out of a typically complex consumer experience.  We assess our patients’ biomarkers over time, and in concert with a health coach, provide a suite of proven nutraceutical and advanced therapeutic solutions to address areas of concern. We then track and optimize the regimen based on patient outcomes. The company is backed by M13, Tony Robbins, and Peter Diamandis and will draw on the knowledge and expertise of these partners.

M13 is leading a $6M seed investment into the venture and crafting a founding team to help build this groundbreaking company. This team will initially consist of two leaders - one focused on leading the business operations with the other focused on building the tech infrastructure.

We are seeking an exceptional Co-Founder to own the entire digital product and tech infrastructure, primarily focusing on the full digital user journey. You will be responsible for designing and building a consumer facing telemedicine product in order to optimize customer experience and drive product lead growth. In addition to working alongside your operational Co-Founder,  you’ll partner with Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis, and the M13 team to build and lead this dynamic health tech company.

Who you are:

  • A seasoned technology leader with experience designing, architecting, and launching products used by medical providers/ health practitioners and their patients
  • Experienced in creating and optimizing robust platforms for  DTC health, medical, and wellness space categories
  • An industry expert with a deep understanding of medical and telehealth platform architecture
  • A strong culture builder who can create an environment of trust, inclusion, mutual respect, that helps bring out the best in others
  • Curious, creative, and a big-picture thinker who can both ideate on strategy and execute against that
  • Passionate about being a Founder - comfortable wearing many hats and working in the details as you build our your team; and ready to create a compelling vision to inspire others to join you on your journey

What you'll be doing:

  • Building and leading a health tech company alongside your operationally-focused co-founder and two performance and longevity luminaries, Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis.
  • Guiding all technology designs, decisions, and implementations for the platform and e-commerce site
  • Owning all components of the customer digital journey
  • Ensuring the platform meets the compliance requirements telehealth platforms (HIPAA compliance and security, etc)

Why you'll love working with us:

  • Access to M13’s world-class advisors and partners
  • Autonomy and support to shape the vision and trajectory of the business
  • Funding and resources provided by M13Founder’s equity
  • Competitive base compensation provided by funding

Language(s) required

English - Conversational

Agreement type


Posted: June 16, 2021 06:55 AM

Cristian David Villarraga
Cristian David Villarraga Verified
SEO Analyst
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