Talented Social Media Content Creator Intern For Fast Growing Start Up 🚀

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Talented Social Media Content Creator Intern For Fast Growing Start Up 🚀

An intern

Skills and experience needed

Must have potential to develop
Social media

Organization(s) name(s)


Time zone

Internship timeframe (approx.)

Between May, 2021 and June, 2021

Monetary compensation


Monetary compensation


Why this opportunity exists

There is a bridge to be built between the level of soft skills of young professionals of today and the one needed for the future of work. Angles is that bridge. Our mission is to bring access to tools that will effectively help people develop skills like creativity, problem-solving, or communication. As we move on towards a world where many jobs will be substituted by machines, human skills will be our most important asset. We believe soft skills are not something you can develop by watching a video and getting a certificate. Soft skills are in constant development, it is an infinite process. We are building tools that will allow individuals to create efficient habits to improve their human skills every day. What is in here for you? This position was designed for a person who can tell the story of a startup that is looking to change people's lives through developing soft skills. We are looking for an excellent communicator, a curious and empathetic writer & a passionate storyteller who can convert history into a story that can be shared. This is a project that is shooting to infinity in order to discover new galaxies --> (https://alejandro-angles.medium.com/our-expectations-for-future-co-workers-at-angles-deafc34411f1) The position is to craft and design our brand image for social media platforms as well as blogs, website sections, etc. This will be a great opportunity for someone who is looking to expand their design skills and portfolio. During your time at Angles, you can totally expect your creativity, design skills, imagination, and strategic thinking to be challenged. This project will demand creative storytellers and fast thinkers to create disruptive content. This role requires a fast-growing, high-potential, somewhat proven candidate. Our expansion vitally requires skillful communicators who take Getmipulpa to the next level. If you recently left the company you founded, but you still like being entrepreneurial, working alongside some of the best practitioners in their field, rising to meet significant challenges, paying great attention to detail, and leading others to their full potential, this opportunity is for you.


• Design of publicity pieces • Administer social media content calendars • Copywriting • Update meeting (One per week)

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Ilustrator • Picture editing • Social media ads

Language(s) required

English - Fully fluent
Spanish - Fully fluent


• Startup environment (a lot of uncertainty, very fast and demanding space) • Working alongside a team of inquisitive overachievers • Understanding limitations in our technology and working around them • Persisting and persevering • Frequently coming across unknowns • Managing constant change and sudden growth • Working in a demanding environment • Giving and receiving candid feedback without either making it personal or taking it personally

Team culture

• Our work culture is one of a high-performance team • We are results-oriented • We are growth-oriented • We believe in trusting each other and having each other's backs • We drive work with an infinite mindset --> https://youtu.be/WjsWLd70pJg

Additional details

• 100% remote job • Network with high-performing individuals

Posted: March 30, 2021 07:03 AM

Alejandro U. Chavez Morales
Alejandro U. Chavez Morales Verified
Entrepreneur, Financial Analyst, Growth Marketer, Divergent Thinker & Disruptive Innovator
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