DeFi Lead Engineer, Financial Services

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DeFi Lead Engineer, Financial Services

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

3+ years of experience
Project management
Programming languages
Must have potential to develop
Leadership team

Organization(s) name(s)


Time zone

Monetary compensation

USD$62,000 to 128,000 /year
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

Monetary compensation

USD$62,000 - 128,000 /year
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

Why this opportunity exists

• We're looking for someone who also has a strong eye for enhancing the user experience of DeFi applications to bring more people into this new and exciting space. Get ready to work on the future of money.


• Manage day-to-day development, operations and project delivery within DeFi team • Meet with PM's and Senior Engineers to coordinate introduction of DeFi services to our wider products • Develop new processes, procedures and methods to support scale and growth within the DeFi team. • Evangelize and represent as our resident DeFi specialist. • Serve as the internal expert within technical/functional areas related to Decentralized Finance and Swap Services. Strong ability to communicate complicated concepts in easy-to-understand bites • Track DeFi and Swap industry developments to explore new techniques, processes and standards • Support onboarding of engineers to your team and provide active coaching, development and feedback to the team • Support and monitor team performance and KPIs, making adjustments as needed to ensure outstanding results and delivery of 2021 Roadmap • Ensure timely resolution of risks across the team; compiling broader trends to share • Manage engagement risk, project economics including planning and budgeting, managing accounts receivable, defining deliverable content, and ensuring buy-in of proposed solutions from top management levels at the client

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• 3+ years of experience in a related field (implementations, integrations, project management, SaaS) • 3+ years of Java or other object oriented languages • Strong knowledge of object-oriented design • Experience in MongoDB or similar database technologies • Highly technical experience on a blockchain project or in the DeFi space • 2+ years Solidity Experience • Experience building with popular Ethereum tools such as Web3, Wallet Connect, etc • Proven experience building, forking & improving DeFi projects and applications • Strong understanding of Bitcoin UTXO model and ETH account model • Strong understanding and experience building and maintaining APIs • Track record of improving processes, methodologies, programs or frameworks that have the opportunity to aide in team performance • Experience building and leading a cohesive and collaborative team focused on driving customer outcomes and business goals • A proven self-starter with the ability to come up to speed on complex, difficult concepts with minimal assistance • Proven history of leveraging and growing existing client base; organic business development responsibilities; i.e. growing new account/clients from the ground up • Communicates well in both written and verbal English

Language(s) required

English - fully-fluent


• The position will require the successful candidate to work inter-departmentally across Engineering and Product Management.

About the organization(s)

• is the industry leader in providing tools and services to bring sound money to the entire world. We are currently seeking a Lead Engineer for DeFi services to join our expanding global Engineering team.

Additional details

• Experience in cross-chain / atomic swaps • Experience in L2 technologies • Experience working within an Agile framework • Worked in a team development environment

Additional benefits

• Cost of coworking space will be covered
• Health insurance
• Equipment will be provided

Agreement type

To be defined

Posted: February 05, 2021 03:20 PM

Cristian David Villarraga
Cristian David Villarraga Verified
Marketing Operations Manager
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