Marketing Specialist (B2B)

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Marketing Specialist (B2B)

Empleado de tiempo completo

Habilidades y experiencia requeridas

+2 años de experiencia
Marketing analytics
Debe tener interés aunque no experiencia
Business to business
Marketing communications
Strategic marketing
Project management

Nombre(s) de la(s) empresa(s)



USD$38,000 to 72,000 /hora
(Estimado por Torre La compensación mostrada no ha sido verificada por la organización. Es un estimado de Torre basado en los requerimientos de la publicación. )


USD$38,000 - 72,000 /hora
(Estimado por Torre La compensación mostrada no ha sido verificada por la organización. Es un estimado de Torre basado en los requerimientos de la publicación. )


• Serve as the company’s domain expert, update and maintain our presence across all channels • Plan, create, and coordinate. This can include blog posts, newsletters, campaigns, written text on our website, and more • Create the ultimate analytics framework. Set up and track integrations and conversions, analyze performance data, and build reports. • Partnership and networking: Build extraordinary relations to potential clients through engagement with external communities, partners, or groups/forums. • To keep yourself updated on the best practices and tools in digital marketing and demand generation

Requerimientos adicionales (que no sean habilidades)

• Excellent written and verbal English skills • Located within Central European Timezone (+/- 4 hours) • Bachelor or Master degree within Marketing, Business, HR, Psychology or other related fields • 1-3 years of professional experience within marketing analytics, content writing, PPC channels, CMS and SEO • An ability to write content that catches people’s attention and create excitement with only a few words of written text • Experience with planning and leading online marketing campaigns • Ability to identify and track relevant KPIs • Experience with Google Analytics and ability to interpret website traffic and social media analytics • Structured, flexible and able to manage different tasks at the same time • Self-starter, willingness to learn and likes to experiment and take initiative to challenge status quo • Self-going and takes ownership of tasks, but loves to be part of a team • Experience with Hubspot

Idioma(s) requeridos

Inglés - fully-fluent


• As our Marketing Specialist (B2B), you will work in a cross-functional role within our Growth team and collaborate closely with our Sales Representatives to drive growth and revenue. You will be the person in charge of lead generation through all inbound funnels, directed specifically towards potentially clients of

Acerca de la organización(es)

• At, we are on a global mission to change both how and where companies recruit technical talent. In fact, we want to flip the whole traditional model of recruitment. It doesn’t fit the needs of innovative and fast-growing businesses today. We are on a mission to solve two of the most common challenges of tech recruitment, the unequal distribution of talent, and the increasing time to hire across the globe. • is an innovative curated job platform connecting companies with software engineers who are actively searching for permanent remote opportunities. Our technology makes it possible to reduce the time to hire from an average of 5 months in Europe to just 2 weeks. offers companies access to pre-vetted talents within 48 hours and facilitates a permanent hire faster than any competitor. We specialize in remote hiring to fill permanent needs, which is totally unique in Europe today.

Detalles adicionales

• Experience from the tech/IT industry • An interest in recruitment and SaaS platforms • Outgoing, ambitious, and eager to gain experience with 360 marketing, tech recruitment, and growth hacking in a tech startup environment

Beneficios adicionales

• Equipment will be provided

Tipo de acuerdo


Publicado febrero 11, 2021 10:45 PM

Diana Vargas
Diana Vargas
Administradora de empresas
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