⚡😀💻 IT & Security Manager ⚡😀💻

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⚡😀💻 IT & Security Manager ⚡😀💻

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

3+ years of experience
IT management
Must have potential to develop
Infraestructure as a service

Organization(s) name(s)


Time zone

Monetary compensation

USD$2.5K to 4K /month

Monetary compensation

USD$2.5K - 4K /month

Why this opportunity exists

We work to build a meritocratic world where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their fullest career potential. Workera is a fast-growing startup. We’re looking to expand the business across all levels to effort the implementation the world’s highest quality educational products.


Product Security Compliance: • Coordinates the continuous development, implementation and updating of security and privacy policies, standards, guidelines, baselines, processes and procedures in compliance with SOC2 and ISO-27001 • Develop and manage the frameworks, processes, tools and consultancy necessary for Workera to properly manage risk and to make risk-based decisions related to Workera activities. • Proactive identification and mitigation of IT risks as well as responding to observations identified by third party auditors or examiners while assisting in the development of periodic reports and dashboards presenting the level of controls compliance and current IT risk posture. • Receives reports of security incidents and conducts complex investigations; prepares written findings, recommendations and follow up evaluation; and analyzes patterns and trends. • Coordinates Workera’s information security incident response and reporting for events or exploited vulnerabilities. • Designing training programs and workshops for staff to be fully aware about cybersecurity. Information Systems Management: • Monitors cloud operations and performance to diagnose problems and develop stable and reliable service. Coordinate efforts with engineering and devops to ensure maximum uptime and minimal service disruption for the Workera service. Identifying and acting on opportunities to improve and update software and systems. • Daily operation/administration includes but is not limited to: adding/deleting users as necessary, giving users the proper access to IT tools and SAAS services. Second Level support ticket resolution or escalation. • Responsible for procurement, setup and support (through a 3rd party technology partner) of Workera employees laptops and IT devices. • Continuously analyze current processes, technologies, and vendors to identify areas of improvement that helps Workera grow using Information Systems, by developing and implementing IT policy and best practice guides for the or

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Experience managing budget and managing a team of information technology professionals. • Proven problem solver with the ability to provide in-depth analysis of complex problems, manage risk and provide timely and accurate decisions. • Knowledge of IT processes and controls and a strong understanding of risk and control frameworks such as CoBIT, ISO, NIST, ITIL. • General knowledge of information security regulatory requirements and standards such as SOC2, ISO 27001, or equivalent. • Knowledge of programming languages and operating systems, IAAS and SAAS management and monitoring, backup and recovery procedures, and system performance monitoring. • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Language(s) required

English - Conversational


• We’re looking for an IT and Security Manager to oversee cloud costs and management, 3rd party SAAS solutions acquisition and administration, IT information security, cybersecurity and IT risk management programs based on industry-accepted information security and risk management frameworks. Since you’ll be joining a growing startup, you’ll wear multiple hats and have lots of growth opportunities.

About the organization(s)

• Workera, backed by Owl Ventures (the world’s largest ed-tech VC) and Andrew Ng’s AI Fund, is a precision upskilling company that enables learners and organizations to identify, measure, interpret, and develop the right Data and AI skills to realize their fullest potential today and in the future. • We’re founded by Kian Katanforoosh, award-winning Stanford Computer Science Lecturer who has taught AI to over a million people, and James Lee, former VP of Global Operations at Udacity. Its chairman of the board is Dr. Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera (NYSE: COUR), CEO of DeepLearning.AI, and founding lead of the Google Brain project. • Our vision is to help humanity measurably close the skills gap to achieve its fullest potential.

Team culture

We hope you will fit well with our team’s culture: • Mission-driven: We believe that everyone, regardless of their past, should have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. We want to bring that opportunity to every individual by uncovering their unique capabilities to contribute to humanity. • Growth mindset: We teach each other new skills and invest in our continuous development. • Team-oriented: We care and watch out for each other. We’re humble individually and go after big goals together. • Diversity: Our team is distributed around the globe; we embrace and celebrate our differences, whether they are cultural, sexual, religious, or professional.

Team structure

• Our leaders are from renowned research institutions like Stanford and have successful experience building the world's leading ed-tech companies. • Our engineers come from diverse backgrounds. You will work across cultural and geographical lines alongside our offices in different parts of the world.

Additional benefits

• Unlimited PTO plus a week off between Christmas and New Year’s.
• Collegial atmosphere.
• Innovative environment.
• Full support for home offices.
• A culture of life-long learning supported up to $3,000 reimbursement for professional development.
• Working across cultural and geographical lines alongside our offices in different parts of the world.
• Being part of a world-class technical team that’s trying to make the world more meritocratic.
• Be part of a great cause to improve lives everywhere through artificial intelligence.
• Opportunity to own high-impact engineering projects.

Agreement type


Posted: June 23, 2021 09:34 PM

Iris Cao
Head of People Operations
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