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Enterprise Account Executive

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

5+ years of experience
Computer science
SQL Database
Technical sales

Organization(s) name(s)


Monetary compensation

USD$70,000 to 160,000 /year
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

Monetary compensation

USD$70,000 - 160,000 /year
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )


• Develop and execute a territory plan based on target agencies and applicable use cases, resulting in a pipeline of opportunities in the target market, that will help you achieve quarterly and annual sales metrics. • Develop expert knowledge of Neo4j solutions and applicability in target market. • Develop and present to customers a strong understanding of the benefits and advantages of graph technology versus alternative database approaches. • Execute sales cycles that employ Strategic Selling strategies and tactics. • Build and present proposals for Neo4j solutions that involve Neo4j products and Services. • Develop relationships and work with existing federal system integrator and reseller partners that may influence technology selection on projects and handle product fulfillment • .Work with Pre-Sales Engineering resources to scope and deliver on well-qualified POC’s • “Land & Expand” - Grow the business in accounts that you have landed • Provide guidance, direction, and support to your assigned SDR in their efforts to support your pipeline development. • Provide guidance and direction to your Field Marketing resources so they can target programs to your target accounts. • Provide guidance and direction to Federal Strategic Alliances and Channel Director so they can target partners and programs for your target accounts. • Maintain Neo4j Salesforce.com CRM system with accurate information about your pipeline, in accordance with Neo4j forecasting guidelines.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Experience selling information management tools to customers in the Federal Civilian market. • Current experience selling into the Federal Civilian market, preferably including DOJ, DHS, Treasury, with current knowledge of target organizations and programs • Demonstrable experience executing enterprise complex sales strategies and tactics. • Experience in a selling environment that involves government contractors, system integrators, distributors, consultants, and other 3rd parties. • Experience with the commercial open-source business model, selling subscriptions for on-premise deployments and/or hybrid on-prem/cloud deployments. • Previous experience and thrive in a smaller, high growth software company, where you have leveraged dedicated SDR resources, Field Marketing resources, and Pre-Sales Engineering helping build the business. • Strong conviction and approach to how and where graph solutions fit into the Federal Civilian marketplace. • Be a hard-working, responsible, self-starter, with the ability to work remotely in a home-office environment, as well as travel to client sites to run meetings. • Excellent references, ideally from previous Sales managers. • Demonstrate attention to detail, ensuring accurate entry and management of lead data in our SalesForce.com CRM system. • Be proficient with standard corporate productivity tools (e.g., Google Docs, MS-Office, Salesforce.com, Web-conferencing). • Be a team player with the highest level of integrity.

Language(s) required

English - fully-fluent

Career path

• 7+ years of consistent success meeting or exceeding sales objectives selling technical solutions and software products into the Federal Civilian market. • Coursework in database, SQL, computer programming, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or similar, is desirable.

About the organization(s)

Neo4j is the leader in graph database technology. As the world’s most widely deployed graph database, we help global brands – including Comcast, NASA, UBS and Volvo – to reveal and predict how people, processes and systems are interrelated. Using this relationships-first approach, applications built using Neo4j tackle connected data challenges such as analytics and artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations and knowledge graphs. Find out more at neo4j.com.

Team culture

Neo4j is a Silicon Valley company with a Swedish soul. We aim to hire smart, funny, creative and humble people who possess a lot of heart and drive. We value relationships (just like a graph!) and place trust in our colleagues to meet each day with focus and integrity. We foster collaboration and intellectually honest discussions for consensus decision making. Every Neo4j employee is empowered to contribute and put one's own innovative stamp on projects.

Team structure

Neo4j is a privately held company and headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices in Sweden, UK, and Germany. For more information, please visit www.neo4j.com

Additional benefits

• For full-time employees we offer competitive salary, employer-paid benefits, generous paid family leave plans, catered lunches, a fully stocked kitchen, weekly activities, company off-sites, happy hours and the list goes on!

Agreement type


Posted: November 21, 2020 07:08 PM

Yuliana Velasquez Ramírez
Yuliana Velasquez Ramírez Verified Weight adds credibility to recommendations. Weighted recommendations are given by people who’ve been recommended by others. Your recommendation weight is thus the sum of the weights of the recommendations you’ve received. 626
Independent Recruiter Advisor.
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