Software Engineer of Test (Remote or Pittsburgh)

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The global remote work community tends to interact in English. Switching languages might impact your visibility.

Software Engineer of Test (Remote or Pittsburgh)

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

3+ years of experience
Software engineering
Computer science
Mechanical Engineering
1+ year of experience

Organization(s) name(s)


Monetary compensation

USD$61,000 to 107,000 /year
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

Monetary compensation

USD$61,000 - 107,000 /year
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

Why this opportunity exists

Seegrid is embracing a remote workforce, so this position can be remotely located anywhere in the US or at HQ in Pittsburgh, PA. Seegrid is the leading provider of self-driving industrial vehicles and user-friendly, enterprise software solutions. We are seeking energetic, bright, and friendly people to help achieve our vision: to fortify global supply chains and create profitable economies with safe, seamless, and smart mobile robotics solutions. Today, Seegrid accelerates Industry 4.0 for the world’s largest brands. Global leaders in manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce fulfillment rely on Seegrid’s full suite of solutions and services, including vision-guided vehicles, fleet management software, actionable analytics, and best-in-class service and support. Our unique and proven technology sets us apart—our automation solutions have safely driven millions of autonomous miles in real production facilities without a single personnel safety incident. Are you ready to transform the future?


• Define, develop, and execute test programs and plans for Seegrid robotic trucks, subsystems, and software • Ensure test programs and plans adequately cover technical customer, and regulatory requirements • Plan, schedule, and implement testing for product release cycles, working with engineering and product management to establish criteria for new features and functions and developing test programs and plans to assure performance to these criteria • Support branch and integration testing of software tickets to address software changes • Support FMEA and risk analyses, and develop test programs (including regression tests) to demonstrate adequacy for these analyses

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Solid understanding of the software testing process is necessary. Understanding of verification and validation (V&V) concepts a plus • Detailed, process-oriented, with demonstrated understanding and discipline of applying engineering fundamentals • Personable with great written and verbal communication skills • Must be a self-starter with a can-do attitude, comfortable and demonstrating flexibility in working in a fast-paced, innovative environment • Well-grounded with the ability to prioritize, multitask and independently problem solve • Results-oriented, self-motivated and proactive with a proven track record working in cross-functional teams to effectively implement change and deliver on aggressive timelines • Experience with Selenium automation is a plus • Experience with robotics is a plus • Experience with Linux is a strong plus • Small team leadership is a plus

Language(s) required

English - fully-fluent

Career path

• Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering or a related discipline with 3-8 years of experience in the area of software and system test during the entire development life cycle • 1-2 years experience in Python coding is required

About the organization(s)

• Seegrid is the leading provider of mobile industrial automation solutions for materials handling with over two million production miles driven in some of the world’s biggest companies. We combine vision-guided vehicles, fleet management, and enterprise intelligence data into a platform that empowers our customers to automate and optimize material flow. • We put autonomous vehicles to work today with an emphasis on safety, reliability, and flexibility. We are passionate about making our customers successful in deploying end-to-end automation solutions and foster a culture of collaboration, active and open communication, integrity, and respect. The challenges before us are great, but we are a high-performance team driven to change how the world does logistics.

Team culture

• All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability status. • Seegrid is an equal opportunity employer Minorities/Females/People with Disabilities/Protected Veterans/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity.

Agreement type

To be defined

Posted: November 19, 2020 06:15 PM

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