Demand Generation Manager

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Demand Generation Manager

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

3+ years of experience
Demand generation
Digital marketing

Organization(s) name(s)


Time zone

Monetary compensation

USD$75,000 /year

Monetary compensation

USD$75,000 /year

Why this opportunity exists

Due to our exciting rapid growth, we are looking to hire a Demand Generation Manager to lead our digital growth strategy to generate high-converting demand for our enterprise SaaS platform. As Demand Gen Manager, you will work closely with the Marketing team to own and execute our digital strategy to drive digital traffic that converts! To ensure the success of our digital marketing efforts, you’ll need to be comfortable with running a paid digital strategy, owning our lifecycle marketing, and leading our marketing ops and performance metrics.


• Work with the VP of Marketing to develop digital marketing strategy roadmaps and collaborate with other members of the marketing team to ensure successful execution. • Manage the digital marketing budget with the goal of increasing efficiency of digital spend. • Work closely with Voxpopme’s marketing team, contractors and agencies to drive brand awareness, demand creation and sales conversion through digital channels. • Build conversion-led campaigns across paid channels (ie; PPC, Paid social advertising, retargeting, ABM) to increase brand awareness and generate enterprise MQLs. • Create and execute social media strategy to grow audience and increase engagement with that channel, both paid and unpaid. • Monitor branding, voice and content on all social media channels. • Collaborate with the others on the marketing team to establish calendar of campaign messaging and key promotional strategies. • Collaborate with the design team on the creation of advertising assets and landing pages to execute digital marketing programs. • Adopt an experimental mindset to implement testing and optimization strategies to increase conversion across all digital channels. • Define, analyze and report performance to optimize digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals (ROI and KPIs) on a weekly and monthly basis. Ensure alignment and clear communication among key stakeholders throughout the course of all projects, including milestone reviews, results summaries and learnings. • Implement tagging and tracking pixels to ensure effective tracking and analytics. • Utilize strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and digital touch points. • Evaluate emerging and alternative technologies and to provide recommendations for adoption where appropriate. Provide thought leadership and adoption where/when appropriate. • Contribute to a fun, rewarding, results-oriented work environment.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Expert in SEM. • Strong analytical skills, with expertise in website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Data Studio). Proficient in Excel with the ability to analyze various types and large amounts of data. • Experience in optimizing landing pages for conversions.

Language(s) required

English - fully-fluent

Career path

• 3-5 years of digital marketing, preferably in Software as a service (SaaS). • Bachelor’s degree is preferred, but not required.

About the organization(s)

Voxpopme is a rapidly growing SaaS company in the exploding market of customer experience and market research analytics. Voxpopme is the market-leading provider of video feedback capture and analytics. The company’s video technology helps brands to see the people behind the data, driving customer-centric decisions through engaging video research, while allowing consumers to reach out directly to brands in the moment and via their preferred medium: video. Over 300 companies including Clorox, Airbnb, Verizon and Telstra use Voxpopme to capture real-time, qualitative feedback from their customers.

Team culture

Support and Encouragement – We are passionate about our staff and want to ensure they have all the tools and resources they need. This includes having an open and transparent culture where employees are encouraged to use their initiative alongside the expertise of the rest of the business. Bespoke L&D programs allow you to carve out your own career path to reach your full potential. Work-life Balance – We take the health and wellbeing of our staff seriously. With this comes the ability to request flexible working, policies such as enhanced maternity and parental leave, annual leave, and a dedicated HR department for guidance on matters that are important to you. We also hold regular team outings throughout the year with employees from across our global offices getting together.

Team structure

Founded in Birmingham, England, in 2013 the company has established a global team across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Agreement type


Posted: November 20, 2020 03:26 PM

Yuliana Velasquez Ramírez
Yuliana Velasquez Ramírez Verified Weight adds credibility to recommendations. Weighted recommendations are given by people who’ve been recommended by others. Your recommendation weight is thus the sum of the weights of the recommendations you’ve received. 626
Independent Recruiter Advisor.
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