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UX Researcher

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

1+ year of experience
User experience design
User testing

Organization(s) name(s)


Time zone

Monetary compensation

USD$40,300 /year

Monetary compensation

USD$40,300 /year

Why this opportunity exists

We’re crafting the future of the voice-over industry with the goal of always leading where others follow. We believe that understanding our users' motives and behavior is key to building and growing our products. As a UX Researcher, you will be the eyes and ears of our users and product. 🚀 Your mission will be to lead the platform user testing and research efforts to provide insights that drive product impact. Are you up for the challenge?


• You will be responsible for managing our Usuario framework • Designing, recruiting, coordinating, and conducting usability and value tests. • Performing exploratory tests. • Analyzing recordings of user sessions. • Performing manual regression tests. • Coordinating the creation of automated tests with our engineers. • Synthesizing and communicating research insights • Reporting, confirming, prioritizing, and distributing product bugs. • Suggesting improvements to our products. • Collaborating on the creation of wireframes and prototypes. • Manage the UX Researcher OKRs, KPIs, and the NPS report. • Safeguarding our motto: Always deliver memorable experiences

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Are a native English speaker or have a C1 level certification. • Have a user-centric mindset. • Have the ability to work in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams. • Have strong communication skills. • Are methodological and organized in your work. • Have high attention to detail. • Are an empathic individual that can understand and share our users' feelings, behaviors, and needs. • Have strong analytical skills and you love looking beyond the obvious. • Have a curious and learning mindset. • Have adaptability skills and you’re comfortable working in an accelerated environment. Would be nice to have: • A design background is a plus. • Knowledge of Sketch/Figma or other UI/UX design and prototyping tools is a plus. • Fluency in additional languages is a plus. • Experience gathering qualitative data through a variety of research methodologies (usability testing, contextual inquiries, card sorting, creating surveys, user personas, user journeys, etc.).

Language(s) required

English - fully-fluent

Career path

You will be expected to remain in this role for at least 2 years. The knowledge and experience you’ll gain may then enable you to perform any of the following roles, either at Voice123 or somewhere else: • Senior UX Researcher • Product Designer • Product Manager • Leader of a business unit • Founder of your own business

About the organization(s)

At Voice123, our mission is to craft the future of the voice-over industry and lead where others follow. 14 years ago, Voice123 pioneered online voice casting by creating the first platform of its kind that could help voice actors start, consolidate, and build a successful, life-long career.

Team culture

Working at Voice123 means you’ll be surrounded by proven entrepreneurs who are eager to teach and hungry to learn. We love our team members and encourage their personal and professional development inside and outside the company. Our team is totally committed to helping our voice actors and clients succeed.

Team structure

You will be part of the Product team and our Product Designer will be your direct leader. You will be working alongside the Engineering and our Customer Success teams. Of course, as we learn, experiment, and grow, our team structures may change.

Additional benefits

• Cost of coworking space will be covered
• Health insurance
• In-person periodic retreats
• Equipment will be provided

Agreement type

Depends on the location of the candidate

Currency exchange and taxes to be paid by

Depends on the location of the candidate

Posted: February 11, 2021 09:24 PM

Maria Alejandra Lozano
Maria Alejandra Lozano Verified
Operations & Marketing
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