Principal Software Development Engineer, Frontend

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Principal Software Development Engineer, Frontend

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

10+ years of experience
Software development
Front end
Cloud services

Organization(s) name(s)


Monetary compensation

USD$111,000 to 180,000 /hour
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

Monetary compensation

USD$111,000 - 180,000 /hour
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

Why this opportunity exists

• We are looking for a Frontend Architect to work on ReCharge's next generation of features. You will be a hands-on leader building highly scalable systems and delivering world class features to our end users. You will be involved with day-to-day design, implementation and operational discussions while mentoring other software engineers within feature teams to make sound technical decisions. You will leverage technology across all of ReCharge to solve problems and influence design decisions. • Our stack includes: Python, Flask, Jinja, ES6, Vue.js, Sass, Webpack, Redis, Docker, GCP, Terraform, Ansible, Memcached, Nginx


• Live by and champion our values: #day-one, #ownership, #empathy, #humility. • Work with product and technology teams to understand roadmap priorities, innovate and evolve ReCharge's feature set. • Drive design and implementation decisions using principles and best practices. Make decisions that move the architecture forward; create best practices and implement new technologies to solve ReCharge’s technical challenges as they arise. • Be the go-to expert for frontend technical solutions across multiple teams. • Mentor senior engineers and technical leads to make sound technical decisions and help build effective engineering practices. • Champion good habits (development techniques, security, tech debt balance, TDD, and agile habits); improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes. • Write code focused on scalability, testability, supportability and maintainability. Find and address performance issues throughout the application. Participate in architecture, code, security and operational reviews. • Drive a culture of technical excellence and continuous improvement. Identify and introduce new technologies that elevate the platform.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Experience driving frontend technical design decisions for highly scalable backend systems • Leadership and mentoring skills and the ability to work with engineers across skill levels • Passionate about building scalable and simple solutions to solve customer problems • Experience in of one of the following languages: React (preferred), JS6, Vue.js • Experience with Cloud Platforms such as GCP, AWS, or Azure • Self start with a passion for taking ownership of your work and delivering outcomes • Excellent asynchronous communication skills and ability to work remotely in a high growth organization

Language(s) required

English - fully-fluent

Career path

• Typically, 10+ years of relevant development experience in fast paced environments • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience

About the organization(s)

• Since 2014, ReCharge has helped over 15,000 merchants launch and scale their subscription business. Be it a curated monthly box, recurring necessities or access to exclusive perks, ReCharge powers billions of dollars in annual processing for nearly 30 million consumers. Our remote-first team of 250+ is building the future of subscription commerce. Come join us on our mission to connect and empower the world through payments.

Team culture

• ReCharge Payments is an equal opportunity employer. In addition to EEO being the law, it is a policy that is fully consistent with our principles. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to status as a protected veteran or a qualified individual with a disability, or other protected status such as race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, pregnancy or age. ReCharge Payments prohibits any form of workplace harassment.

Agreement type


Posted: January 29, 2021 09:30 PM

Manuela Vargas Jaramillo
Manuela Vargas Jaramillo Verified
Independent Recruiter
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