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Account Manager

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

10+ years of experience
English language
5+ years of experience
Account management
Marketing planning
Digital marketing
Client relations
Email marketing software
Social Media
3+ years of experience
Restaurant marketing
2+ years of experience
Food Writing

Organization(s) name(s)


Time zone

Monetary compensation

Monetary compensation

Why this opportunity exists

Our company is growing and we are looking to hire a talented and experienced account manager.


• Client relationships and collaboration - in charge of communication with clients. Coordination of projects, ensuring the meeting of deadlines. • Key account client research • Liaising with external vendors • Taking project briefs and managing the progress and production of client projects • Design - coordinate design work with design team, review designs, copy, creative, photo selection, make necessary revisions and approve final designs. • Facilitate management of all aspects of campaigns implementation and during the post-sale cycle providing an end-to-end experience - coordinating execution with team, copywriting, design review/revisions, ads review/revision (proper creative, proper targeting, copy, A/B tests, landing page review, adjustments, etc.), email marketing campaigns, SMS calendar review and approval, and deployment of other communication with partners. • Photography coordination - coordinate with photo/video content team photo/video shoot execution. Create shot lists and ensure proper execution. • Collaborate to create social media strategy for different brands. Review and approve social media calendars including copy revision, creative, post times, hashtags, etc. • Create comprehensive campaign reports to deliver to clients.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• Degree in Marketing or equivalent professional qualification • Experience working as account manager/executive or similar role in marketing or advertising agency for at least 5+ years. Strong preference for experience in restaurant marketing. • Proven experience managing client accounts • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. • Must be 100% fluent in English and Spanish. • Must possess excellent written and verbal skills. • Must possess a solid understanding of marketing strategy concepts, planning and digital marketing and some technical knowledge including: email marketing, google advertising, social media advertising, social media management software, SEO, the workings of digital sales funnels. • Excellent problem solver with capacity to think outside the box. • Must possess excellent presentation skills. • Must understand financial terms and P&L’s.

Language(s) required

English - fully-fluent
Spanish - fully-fluent

Career path

• Starting as part time but soon it will become a full time position.

About the organization(s)

Restaurants hire us to get a full breadth of view; a one stop shop to help you grow your brand and get guests through the doors. With over 15 years in the hospitality industry, we are obsessed with creating results focused strategies, adding real value and delivering measurable results.

Agreement type

To be defined

Posted: November 20, 2020 05:27 PM

Sebastian Stahl
Sebastian Stahl Verified
Founder at Breadth Marketing
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