Principal Industrial Consultant

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La comunidad global que trabaja de forma remota prefiere interacciones en Inglés. Cambiar tu idioma podrá impactar tu visibilidad.

Principal Industrial Consultant

Empleado de tiempo completo

Habilidades y experiencia requeridas

Debe tener interés aunque no experiencia
Business Analysis
Project management
Customer management

Nombre(s) de la(s) empresa(s)



USD$50,000 to 124,000 /año
(Estimado por Torre La compensación mostrada no ha sido verificada por la organización. Es un estimado de Torre basado en los requerimientos de la publicación. )


USD$50,000 - 124,000 /año
(Estimado por Torre La compensación mostrada no ha sido verificada por la organización. Es un estimado de Torre basado en los requerimientos de la publicación. )

Por qué existe esta oportunidad

• Dragos seeks passionate, hard-working, fun-loving, small-ego, big-brained people. Our tagline is “Safeguarding Civilization” not because we think highly of ourselves, but because the problems we are solving are critically important, today and in the years to come. We look for ICS experts across industries who are committed to growing global expertise in the space by training the next wave of future innovators and thought leaders.


• Serve as the overall lead for individual customer engagements and primary subject matter expert on a team performing architecture reviews, tabletop exercises, etc., in industrial environments. These engagements include a range of tasks such as documentation review and gap analysis, site walk-downs, and network/host data collection and analysis. • Perform Scope of Work (SOW) reviews, Rules of Engagement (ROE) development, and other documentation-related tasks where attention to detail and technical accuracy are critical to engagement success. • Responsible for the final delivery of findings and recommendations documents. This includes verbally presenting findings and addressing customer questions. • Turn insights from customer engagements into research and innovation projects to fuel Dragos technology advancement. This includes the analysis of packet capture (PCAP) and other data types to produce protocol dissectors, characterizations, and other analytics. • Turn insights from customer engagements into content for the Dragos customer training program. This includes authoring new lesson and exercise material, and facilitating the Dragos five-day ICS security course. • Create and facilitate tabletop exercises tailored to customer infrastructures and environments, with detailed scenarios illustrating consequences and effects. Participate in exercises in order to showcase Dragos capabilities and transfer knowledge that enables customers to respond to real-world attacks. • Support the larger community and represent Dragos through outreach efforts such as webinars, whitepapers, and conference presentations with novel content and ideas. • Serve as a mentor for fellow team members, including assigned direct reports.

Requerimientos adicionales (que no sean habilidades)

• Willingness to be a team player on a fast-moving team focused on rapidly elevating the state of industrial security. • 7+ years of hands-on cybersecurity experience, and proven ability to perform consulting duties such as architecture reviews and tabletop exercises. • Knowledge of industrial environments with ability to understand effects and consequences to those systems or components. • Hands-on experience with common cybersecurity toolsets used to collect and analyze data from networks and/or host devices. • Ability to collect and analyze network data in order to characterize and baseline networks, validate documented state, and identify malicious or anomalous activity. • Ability to write concise, high-quality reports that directly support customer and engagement success criteria. • Excellent social, verbal, and written communication skills. Ability to facilitate training and present complex analytical data to a variety of audiences. • Ability to travel up to 50%, both domestic and international (average travel is 35%). • Self-motivated and results focused; ability to strengthen the team and its mission. • Expertise in industrial control systems and industrial communications protocols, or a strong desire to learn.

Idioma(s) requeridos

Inglés - fully-fluent

Acerca de la organización(es)

• Our mission at Dragos is to protect the world’s most critical infrastructure from adversaries who wish to do it harm. We help defend industrial organizations that provide us with the necessities of modern civilization: running water, functioning electricity, and safe industrial working environments. • We are practitioners who have lived through and solved real security challenges. Our team members have responded to incidents including the 2015 Ukraine power grid attack, analyzed the CRASHOVERRIDE malware identified in the 2016 Ukraine electric grid attack, analyzed the TRISIS malware discovered in the petrochemical facility attack in 2017, built and led the National Security Agency (NSA) mission to identify nation-states targeting critical infrastructure, and performed assessments on hundreds of assets around the world.

Cultura organizacional

• The Dragos Professional Services team serves as the boots-on-the-ground industry experts in solving industrial control system (ICS) security challenges. We then bring current operational insights back from the field and integrate them into our software technology: The Dragos Platform.

Beneficios adicionales

• Health insurance

Tipo de acuerdo


Publicado febrero 08, 2021 09:55 PM

Diana Vargas
Diana Vargas
Independent Recruiter
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