Product Manager (Multiple Teams)

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The global remote work community tends to interact in English. Switching languages might impact your visibility.

Product Manager (Multiple Teams)

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

3+ years of experience
Software development
Product management
UX research

Organization(s) name(s)


Time zone

Monetary compensation

COP$7M to 12M /month
~USD$1.88K to 3.23K /month

Monetary compensation

COP$7M - 12M /month
~USD$1.88K - 3.23K /month

Why this opportunity exists

Our mission is to democratize access to high technology for online groceries. After being a Marketplace and having delivered millions of orders to final users, we reshaped our strategy to supply retailers and consumer packaged goods companies with tech only available to a few technology companies before. As the Shopper App PM, you will be basically improving the daily working tool of many people around the world in charge of transforming a virtual basket created in an eCommerce to a physical basket delivered at a user's home. Since we consider our client’s unit economics sacred, productivity and user experience are going to be the main pillars you are going to be obsessed with.

Additional requirements (other than skills)

• At least 3 years of experience in product management or software development. • You are a force of nature. • You have that rare combination of business, tech, and UX savvy. • You can simultaneously dive deep into pixel-perfect detail whilst maintaining a 30,000 ft vision on what the future holds. • You are an excellent communicator who can switch between discussing detailed technical specifications to pitching our product vision to your aunt at a family dinner. • You take complexity and uncertainty as input and output great product and results. • You combine experience and expertise with tremendous drive and hustle. • You have been part of an engineering and product team before, ideally in a rapid growth startup. • You can not bear with bureaucracy and slowness in easy-to-make decisions. • Nice to have: You have industry experience in e-commerce or logistics.

Language(s) required

English - Conversational
Spanish - Fully fluent


• Own the roadmap and development of a mobile app product that is the daily working tool of thousands around the world. • Organize and orchestrate workflows between design, business & development to deliver meaningful features fast and at a high quality. • Have the opportunity to grow with the company and increase your amount of responsibility and ownership over time. • Analyze business and user impact of potential features in a data-driven manner, using state-of-the-art tools and strong analytical skills. • Talk to users, spitball product ideas with our staff, clarify technical questions and effort estimates with our in-house engineers, troubleshoot issues, draw up wireframes, provide user stories and many, many other things - no two days will be the same. • Develop technical skills progressively to take better design decisions and increase the product cycle speed as well as facilitating communication with engineers and business people. • Working directly with one of our co-founders and having direct contact with clients, users, and business people willing to provide you valuable insights to innovate and make your product a successful business case worth spreading.

Career path

• Be a fundamental part of different products with different challenges in a very short period of time. • Senior Product Manager • VP of Product

About the organization(s)

• We are a multi-disciplinary team working in Bogotá, Colombia. After operating a grocery delivery app for 4 years and building diverse systems to optimize delivery, sales and the whole process of E-Commerce, we decided to think bigger and put the most advanced software for last-mile delivery and demand generation in the hands of the retail industry worldwide. Our name represents our biggest value proposition: providing instantaneous technology that puts digital capabilities at the hands of established retail companies, bringing them to the same level of "Unicorn" delivery apps. • The market fit we have experienced is amazing! Currently, top players by country in LatAm and Europe are using our product to boost their Ecommerce experience and reduce operational costs by more than 30%. Besides the rapid growth we are having, we are self-sustainable, something rare in the startup ecosystem where billions of dollars are burned and a lot of companies close their doors each day. Our founders have a good record of companies founded in their portfolio and we feel proud of our team's culture. Since the beginning of the lockdown, the whole team has been working remotely without any issues of performance. We have a highly talented team of product managers, designers, and developers passionate about their roles and constantly seeking to break the market rules and position the company as a prominent global leader.

Team culture

• Our team is very fresh and proactive. • Technology is the heart and purpose of the company • Seek the root cause, solve the real problem • Build collaboratively • Move fast, no blockers, no bullshit. You will be unhindered and empowered to deliver the best work of your life. • Commit and take risks • Care about outcome not output • Learn constantly  • Question everything • Our company culture is everything to us. We are more like a spartan elite squad than a floppy Persian massive but ineffective army. • When you’re doing a great job you will always have the opportunity to tackle more challenges and grow professionally and personally.

Team structure

• We are a product organization. If you don't know what that means, take a look to Inspired by Marty Cagan

Additional benefits

• Competitive salary.
• You decide how to work (Remote, Coworking in Bogotá or Medellin, Flexible hours).
• Multi-disciplinary learning chapters
• 10 additional vacation days
• MyAcademy Subscription: More than 3000 courses from Udemy, Coursera, Harvard, Rosetta Stone, etc.
• Build a product that will reshape the global Online Groceries Industry.
• Monthly Home Office Bonus

Agreement type


Posted: August 24, 2020 07:43 PM

David Camargo
David Camargo Verified
I am hiring - VP of Engineering@InstaLeap, Product & Engineering Mentor@Founder Institute Bogotá
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