Recruiter / Onboarding Manager (Spanish-speaking preferred)

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Recruiter / Onboarding Manager (Spanish-speaking preferred)

A full-time team member or employee

Skills and experience needed

Organization(s) name(s)


Time zone

Monetary compensation

USD$36K to 79K /year
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

Monetary compensation

USD$36K - 79K /year
(Estimated by Torre The quoted compensation hasn't been verified by the organization. It's Torre's estimate based on the job requirements contained in the post. )

Wanted: A Recruiter / Onboarding Manager to help us grow our team!

About the Job...

You may have noticed all the other job postings we currently have on our site. It takes a LOT of time to manage that process.  Right now, our teams do it all themselves, but as we round 70+ employees, it's time for us to have a full time person who's job it is to help us grow by recruiting, onboarding, and generally providing support to our most important asset: our people.

The job is pretty straight forward: you will take over day-to-day hiring activities.  You'll post and promote job ads in various places, do the first round of screening of applicants, and then pass through the ones whom you think warrant a closer look by the various teams within Taoti.  We do a lot of hiring in South America, so fluent Spanish skills are a HUGE plus, as we'd love to see all of our ads posted bilingually.  While most of our applicants come through the 'front door' (ie, apply to our job ad postings), some of our best candidates come through targeted 'fishing' on LinkedIn where we can actively search out the specific type of people we need.  So a big LinkedIn network is also a huge plus.

Hiring is probably a third of the job.  The rest of the job is to provide HR support, mostly with regard to onboarding/offboarding, training, and other activities that are primarily focused around making sure that the people we do hire are set up to succeed.

It's worth noting that most of what we hire for tend to be pretty senior positions involving high level skills, be they artistic, marketing-related, development-oriented, etc.  We of course don't expect you to be an expert in everything and cable of conducting code reviews or marketing analysis, etc.  But the more you know about the various areas within a full service agency, and the more you can at least know what to look for with regard to quick disqualifiers, the more effective you'll be.  Of course, we can train you on these things, but experience hiring the specific kind of roles would be a huge advantage.  Be sure to discuss it in your application!

- Drupal and WordPress Developers

- Marcom experts

- Copywriters

- Designers and other creative roles

- Project / Account Managers

This job ad will no doubt have many recruiting agencies or freelance recruiters banging down our door.  But we're not looking to outsource this critical role.  Hiring is a very intimate process for us, and we don't want a hired gun who gets paid for placement to be the first contact with a potential Taotian.  Instead, we want someone who is part of our core team and has a vested interest in building a skilled, diverse, and stable team doing this work.  We want someone who lives and breaths our own culture and values to be able to apply their instincts and intuition without worrying about their finders fee.  So with all due respect to agencies, please note that we are only considering candidates who want to come in-house as our full time recruiter.

This role will report to the Director of Agency Operations, though you'll work closely with leadership across all aspects of the team since the actual hiring decisions rest with them.  While we do prefer someone in the DC area (since the human nature of this role will lend itself to being a bit more in-office than others might be when the pandemic ends), we are open to a remote position under the right circumstances.

Is there room for career growth?

That’s one of the best parts about this role, specifically at Taoti.  In a larger shop, the team structure hierarchy is usually large, layered, and not-so-flexible.  Or at a smaller shop, you may have lots of flexibility, but not enough of a team to really benefit from true collaboration (or have enough upward mobility to keep you interested.)  Taoti is the Goldilocks of creative agencies.  We have enough structure so that you understand what the team looks like and where you fit in.  But we’re small and agile enough to let employees carve out new roles and niches where it makes sense to do so.  Your value and career trajectory is not defined by a line or box on an org chart.  Our teams and roles are constantly evolving as the team grows, so if you want to grow into a role that doesn’t exist, you can help create it!  Our growth rate alone (targeted at 50% this year) means that the team will keep growing, which means we’ll be hiring additional people across all departments.  And our hiring philosophy is all about hiring the next wave of employees that best supports the existing team.  In other words, we grow the team around what we already have—not according to some org chart or spreadsheet.  So career paths are not rigid and finite.  We have a history of shaking things up, making rather bold HR moves, and adapting our hiring processes (as well as the roles of our existing employees) in a way that makes strategic sense for the employee and the company. So your career trajectory has far more to do with your own aptitude and initiative than it does with an org chart or who’s above you.  In this particular role, you’re already coming into a new role that will start as just you, grow into a team, then maybe a department, eventually a division, etc.  We don’t have to explain how the idea of being in on the ground floor of a growing agency’s public sector sales department has a lot of potential upside if you’re successful.

What’s the corporate culture like?

“Fun but focused,” as one Taoti put it, is a great way to sum up our culture.  We’re a fun and casual shop.  The kind of place where you can wear whatever, come and go as you please, and have autonomy over your own day for the most part.  But we take the work seriously and believe deep in the mission to make meaningful and measurable impacts for our clients.  All the perks and shenanigans and borderline irreverent tone are fun, but to really fit in here, you need to be about the work.

We believe in something we call our “QIST Culture.”  Quality.  Innovation.  Service.  And Teamwork.  We are always striving to improve these four areas (to the extent that we have a fund of a quarter million dollars per year that anyone can spend from in the interest of going above and beyond towards any of these four values.

We also believe in total transparency and open communication across teams and across ranks. Instead of chain-of-command, we want everyone to have and share their own voice. Every other Thursday, the CEO holds ‘CafeClutch’ just so he can hear ideas and feedback directly from the team instead of through the filter of management.

Want to see what life at Taoti looks like?  Check out our Instagram or ‘about us’ video.  There’s even a 360 tour of the office.

What about benefits?

  • 3 weeks PTO for starters.  You gain more with tenure.  And if you’re really big in to PTO, you can even trade back some salary for more.
  • Telework options (which work like PTO… you accrue days with each paycheck.  TELE days increase with tenure as well.  By your fourth year, we don’t even count them any more.)
  • 100% company-paid medical, dental, and vision insurance.  (50% for qualifying dependents.)  And we have good insurance.
  • Paid family leave for men and women (including PTO plus short and long term disability options.)
  • 3% retirement plan matching (plus access to a financial advisor).
  • Home buyer help (including a home buying closing credit)
  • Mobile phone reimbursement
  • You can opt for a company-supplied PC or Mac laptop.  Or if you want to use your own, we’ll reimburse you for it.
  • Charitable contribution matching
  • Tax-free metro benefits
  • A sincere respect for work/life balance
  • Money and time off allocated for professional development (also increases with tenure)
  • A diverse team hailing from over 15 countries last time we checked
  • A very hip/cool/funky/quirky office space on Barracks Row, in the heart of Capitol Hill.  Just 2 blocks from the metro!  (With the office space doubling in size next year as we build a new building in the parking lot next door to our building.)
  • Fun perks like a roof deck, wine/beer always on tap, regular company boat outings (boat is walking distance from the office), chill work environment, etc.
  • No real dress code (within reason, as long as you can be an adult about getting dressed for work)
  • Annual global retreat (where we bring the whole team together for fun, games, and teamwork)
  • Of course, the above is a quick list.  See the handbook for all the gory details.

A bit more about Taoti…

Established in 1996, Taoti Creative is an independent, full-service creative agency located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  We are privately owned and have no corporate overloads.)  We do stuff like web development, social media management, branding, experiential marketing, video, AR/VR, etc.  Our mission is to ‘move the needle’ for our clients.  We leverage technology, creativity, and innovation to generate meaningful and measurable results for our clients—that’s what drives us.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion...

Great ideas happen when diverse perspectives come together.  Those perspectives are Taoti’s secret sauce. So building a diverse team and culture where everyone has a voice and is included in the process is not just the right thing to do.  It’s good for business.  We’d love your own perspective to add to our mix!  We're eager for new, diverse voices to join the team and sincerely hope people from every walk of life will apply!  And as the person on the front lines of our hiring, we're looking to you to help hold us to our diversity values.

Language(s) required

English - Conversational

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Posted: April 25, 2021 05:38 AM

Diana Vargas
Diana Vargas
Independent Recruiter
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