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    + Work with professionals who have created some of the most revolutionary solutions in their fields.

    + Be empowered to choose your career path: we have more than 600 simultaneous projects, so you can choose where and how to work.

    + Be part of an agile pod. Driven by a culture of self-regulated teamwork, each team -or POD- works directly with our customers, with a full maturity path that evolves as they increase speed, quality and autonomy.

    + Make an impact. Work in large-scale projects globally.

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    + Develop your career within an industry or multiple industries.

    + Work in the city you want, and be nourished by cultural exchanges.

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    Remote (for Uruguay residents)
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    Proficient Knowledgeable in the skill and requires minimal supervision.
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    English - Conversational Understands and communicates the main points of a conversation both written and spoken. Equivalent to B1 level of the Common European Framework.
    Responsibilities and more
    At Globant, you will be able to unleash your passions and creativity. Are you ready? ✅ Requirements: - Being capable of taking a step back to look at a bigger picture. - Experienced as a backend developer. - Strong understanding of Agile methodologies. - Deep knowledge of object-oriented/functional programming. - Experienced with Node.js. - Significant experience writing and utilizing RESTful API and SOAP services and performance tuning large-scale apps. - Understanding of web services and complex software systems. - Experienced with database systems. - Ability to write effective unit and integration tests. - Experienced being a leader and negotiating with a client. - Experience with Cloud (AWS, GCP, or Azure). - Experience developing Serverless solutions. ✅ Responsibilities: - Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code. - Verify and deploy programs and systems. - Recommend and execute improvements. - Create technical documentation for reference and reporting. - Contribute to your pod's goals. ✅ You should be able to understand and produce simple descriptions of daily tasks and everyday speech's main points and express your opinion in English. We are the place where engineering, innovation, and design meet scale.
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