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    We help many people earn money by sharing the internet. We are a cryptocurrency company.

    USD1.5K - 2K/monthly

    + 100% remote.

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    + Token allocations for the early core team.

    + Professional training.

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    Sebastian Ruiz Verified
    Recruiting Manager
    Charvel Chedraui Verified
    CEO at
  • Expectations

    Skills and experience required

    Proficient Knowledgeable in the skill and requires minimal supervision.
    No experience, but interested Interested in developing the skill.

    Language(s) required

    English - Conversational Understands and communicates the main points of a conversation both written and spoken. Equivalent to B1 level of the Common European Framework.
    Spanish - Conversational Understands and communicates the main points of a conversation both written and spoken. Equivalent to B1 level of the Common European Framework.
    Responsibilities and more
    ✅ Important details 🚀 You should be able to understand and produce long and complex texts and speeches with detailed descriptions in English. 🚀 We are a truly global and remote company, but we are focusing on building a strong Latam community. So you can be anywhere in Latam. 🚀 You'll need to be able to have at least 6-hours during your regular workday that overlap with 9:00-18:00 EST (GMT-5). ✅ Requirements 🚀 The applicant should have experience in NodeJs and TypeScript (Proficient level). 🚀 The applicant should have experience in SQL, AWS and MongoDB. 🚀 Additionally, if he/she has experience in NestJs, PostgreSQL, Docker, React, Blockchain and Web3 is a plus. 🚀 The candidate must have all the soft skills and the attitude to be part of a startup. The company will use the psychometrics to identify this. ✅ Responsibilities 🚀 Attend daily scrum meetings and oversee the objectives and deliverables of a team of developers. 🚀 Work in close collaboration with the team on product architecture and design. 🚀 Solve technical problems of high scope and complexity while keeping security, scalability, and maintainability in mind. 🚀 Working independently on software development tasks. 🚀 Contributing to the design of algorithms. 🚀 Writing clean, straightforward, efficient code that satisfies acceptance criteria and specifications. 🚀 Committing and submitting frequently small pull requests. - Wayru uses Agile Recruitment for its selection processes. Below, you can see the steps you will follow in this process: Step 1: You will answer 3 selection questions (5 minutes). Step 2: You will do a quick certification of your skills through a Torre Testing & Certification session (it will last 60 minutes). We will send you the link to access this session through the email you have registered in your Torre account. In addition, we will notify you through Messenger Tower, our chat, about sending the links, as soon as the recruiter confirms that you meet the requirements of this vacancy. This usually happens in less than 24 hours. Step 3: You will have an interview with Franco Anton Gallo, Blockchain CTO, Wayru, and Charvel Chedraui, CEO, Wayru. (30 minutes). Step 4: Job offer (30 minutes).
  • Meet your team

    Charvel Chedraui Verified
    CEO at Leader
    Franco Anton Gallo Verified
    CTO | Backend Developer

    About Wayru:

    Wayru is a Decentralized Internet Network focused on closing the digital gap once and for all. Our solution brings people, mid-small ISPs, entrepreneurs, and communities together to build, operate and own Internet networks. Powered by Algorand, the greenest blockchain of all.


    Decentralized Internet Network Powered by YOU. Disrupting the status quo of Internet access. Powered by #Algorand

    common perks (for full-time):

    To edit the organization's information go to Wayru's team genome.

    Admin access needed

    Wayru has to validate your admin access to edit their information. You won’t be able to edit until it is approved.

    Need assistance?

    Contact torre’s support team
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  • Questions

    Screening questions for candidates

    These are screening questions of the application process that will filter and rank candidates.

    Open (written answer)
    In what kind of projects have you been working with AWS?
    Open (written answer)
    What is the most complex project that you worked with NodeJs?
    Open (written answer)
    In which company did you have your best experience working with Typescript? And why?
    Multiple choice
    We will confirm with you, via Torre Messenger, if you fulfill the requirements for this job opening.

    Then, you will receive an email to the address you have registered in your Torre account with the links to certify your skills’ proficiency (unless you have already taken them).

    Don’t worry, it will take you less than an hour to complete them 😉

    🔔Remember to check Torre Messenger, as it’s the channel that we will use to notify you about the progress of the process.

    If your results are above the minimum requirements for this job opening, you will move forward to the next step: the interview.

    We are going to schedule the interview for the top-ranked candidate (based on the Torre Match and Torre Testing & Certification results). If this person is not hired, we will send for the next interview the person that tops the ranking at that moment.

    👉 To increase your chances of scheduling an interview, we recommend you perform your certification as soon as you receive the link.

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