Product Designer for fast-growing startup. [Recovering entrepreneurs are especially welcome to apply]
  • Product Designer for fast-growing startup. [Recovering entrepreneurs are especially welcome to apply]

    USD50K - 80K/year

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    Daniela Avila Gomez Verified
    Co-founder and Head of Product Design at Torre
    Alexander Torrenegra Verified
    CEO of Torre, where AI does the recruitment and job hunting for you. Founder of Tribe, RisePal, Bunny Studio, and Voice123.
    Andro Lindsay Verified
    It always seems impossible until it's done.
    David Orban Verified
    Startup creation, fundraising and investment. Thriving in our jolting technological change.
    Agu Rodríguez Verified
    A curious and entrepreneurial soul interested in computer science, leadership, and the future of work. Founder and CEO at Ephere.
    Suzanne Rosman-Wiarda Verified
    VP Corporate Development
    David Gamboa Verified
    VP @ Torre. Founder @ LiveBeyond.
  • Expectations

    Skills and experience required

    2+ years of experience required
    1+ year of experience required
    No experience, but interested Interested in developing the skill.

    Language(s) required

    English - Fully fluent Understands and communicates fluently, including complex ideas, both written and spoken. Equivalent to B2 level and upwards of the Common European Framework.
    Responsibilities and more
    You'll learn about and be responsible for: • Designing improvements and new functionalities. • Making sure our users have a delightful experience. • Taking ownership of the full UX lifecycle, including strategy, content, wireframing and prototyping, the execution, and analysis. • Designing clear, elegant solutions for complex design problems and systems. • Developing low- and high-fidelity prototypes for new features. Validate designs through iterative testing. • Using, building, and improving the existing design language. • Being passionate about every small detail in a product and always being dedicated to improving it. • Collaborating with other product members and engineers - from discovery to delivery (as well as monitoring after release). • Using metrics and customer research to drive design iterations. You can learn more about them and our framework at
  • Meet your client

    Renan Peixoto da Silva Verified
    Head of Engineering at Torre
    David Montaño Ramírez Verified
    Software engineer
    Manuel Montes Verified
    Co-founder and Senior Tech Lead at Torre
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    Open (video response)
    Intro - Challenges (recorded question)
    Open (written answer)
    Share a link to your portfolio or anywhere we can see your work as a product designer (UX/UI designer).
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    Tell us about your entrepreneurial experience (please answer in English)… If you don’t have one, simply say so :)
    Open (written answer)
    What’s your current occupation/What are you currently working on? (If you are).
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