Front End Engineer
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    You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.

    EUR€25K - 37.5K/year
    ~USD$25.4K - 38.1K/year

    + Option to relocate to Lisbon after 3-6 months.

    Legal agreement: Depends on the location of the candidate

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    GMT-07:00 to GMT+01:00
    Posted 8 months ago by
    Rafael Farrim
    Rafael Farrim Verified
    HRBP - Tech and Product at Indie Campers
    Catalina González Salcedo
    Catalina González Salcedo Verified
    Recruiting Team Lead
    Ravena Candian Delgado
    Ravena Candian Delgado Verified
    Business Development, Sales and Fundraising
  • Skills and experience required

    Expert Experienced enough to perform without supervision.
    Proficient Knowledgeable in the skill and requires minimal supervision.
    No experience, but interested Interested in developing the skill.

    Language(s) required

    English - Conversational Understands and communicates the main points of a conversation both written and spoken. Equivalent to B1 level of the Common European Framework.
    Responsibilities and more
    ⚠️ This position requires you to be fully committed to the role, reason why you must not be working at 2 or more jobs at the moment (or have had 2 or more jobs in the past) ⚠️ ⚡ A minimum of 4 years of experience required. 🚀 About the role: We are looking for a Front-End Engineer, to work remotely in a very friendly and energetic environment and be part of an amazing team. If you love to learn, share knowledge, and care about creating real impact on every feature you deliver, using the latest tech stacks and having fun doing it, this is an opportunity you can't miss. 🚀 What you’ll do: ⚡ Create, build, improve and optimize our web applications, by implementing new practices in continuous integration and delivery. ⚡ Build customer-faced features that will increase sales revenue and create great experiences for our travellers. ⚡ Ensure quality of our products and work closely with our product team to establish scalable solutions. ⚡ Work in a team that supports your individual growth by providing you with challenging tasks and the freedom to take new opportunities. 🚀Who you are: ⚡️4+ years of product development work. ⚡️Solid understanding of web application architecture and all of its layers. ⚡️Experienced working frameworks such as Node.js, Typescript, Javascript, Vue.js, React.js, Components, and other similar frameworks. ⚡️Enjoy building products and coding. Knowledgeable about REST API architecture. ⚡️Report directly to our Head of Engineering and commit to constant learning and improvement. ⚡️Experienced in working with Scrum or Kanban methodologies is a plus; ⚡️Knowledge on speed improvements, Google Web Core Vitals, SEO and analytics tools is a plus. Remote with the option to relocate to Lisbon, Portugal after 6-12 months OR hybrid in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.
  • Rafael Farrim
    Rafael Farrim Verified
    HRBP - Tech and Product at Indie Campers
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