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    COP$1.5M - 2M/monthly
    ~USD$361 - 482/monthly

    + Commissions of 1.5% on sales goals.

    Legal agreement: Employment

    Remote (for Bogotá, Colombia residents)
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    Viviana Trujillo Estrada
    Viviana Trujillo Estrada Verified
    Account Manager
    Guillermo Plaza
    Guillermo Plaza Verified
    Alexandra Chica
    Alexandra Chica Verified
    Gerente comercial
  • Skills and experience required

    Proficient Knowledgeable in the skill and requires minimal supervision.
    No experience, but interested Interested in developing the skill.

    Language(s) required

    English - Reading Understands basic written communication.
    Spanish - Fully fluent Understands and communicates fluently, including complex ideas, both written and spoken. Equivalent to B2 level and upwards of the Common European Framework.
    Responsibilities and more
    This person will be in charge of supporting the strategies of the commercial area to increase distribution channels, marketing software through SaaS sales, and provide better customer service. ◽ Desired profile: - Technical or professional training in areas of technology. - Minimum +1 years of demonstrable experience as a B2B software sales executive or related positions. - Experience in consultative selling. - Knowledge of remote-work related tools: Teams, Zoom, Whatsapp business. ◽ Required personal skills: - Excellent knowledge of MS Office. - Practical experience with CRM will be valued. - Ability to learn fast and passion for sales. - Self-motivation and a results-oriented approach. - Aptitude to offer attractive presentations. - Required languages: Basic English: You are expected to understand simple texts and short written interactions with peers. Spanish fully fluent: You are expected to easily understand and produce all written and spoken forms. ◽ Responsibilities: -Lead and implement the CRM. -Develop new distribution channels for SaaS sales. -Carry out market research to identify sales possibilities and assess customer needs. -Sort and qualify databases for possible prospects. -Actively seek new sales opportunities through cold calling, networking, and social media. -Schedule meetings with potential clients. -Prepare and deliver appropriate presentations on products and services. -Create frequent reviews and reports with financial and sales data. -Manage the agenda for product demonstrations. -Participate on behalf of the company in exhibitions and conferences. -Negotiate/close agreements and manage complaints or objections. -Collaborate with team members for best results. -Collect comments and opinions from current or potential clients and share them with internal teams.
  • Guillermo Plaza
    Guillermo Plaza Verified
    Alexandra Chica
    Alexandra Chica Verified
    Gerente comercial
    Denice Forero
    Denice Forero Verified
    Coordinadora Administrativa
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