Co-founding CEO for startup studio for the future of work
  • Co-founding CEO for startup studio for the future of work

    USD120K - 200K/year

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    Alexander Torrenegra Verified
    CEO of Torre, where AI does the recruitment and job hunting for you. Founder of Tribe, RisePal, Bunny Studio, and Voice123.
    Former Torrex
    This account represents a former Torrex that is no longer part of our team
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    Skills and experience required

    5+ years of experience required
    3+ years of experience required
    2+ years of experience required
    No experience, but interested Interested in developing the skill.

    Language(s) required

    English - Fully fluent Understands and communicates fluently, including complex ideas, both written and spoken. Equivalent to B2 level and upwards of the Common European Framework.
    Responsibilities and more
    • Strategize and execute our company-building efforts. • Raise substantial capital (tens of millions of dollars) to fund the creation and growth of Emma's companies • Recruit, assemble, and supervise the founding teams. • Guarantee the usage of our operational frameworks and create new ones. • Spin out the newly-created companies when appropriate. • Be a board member of multiple companies in our portfolio.
  • Meet your team

    Rolf Veldman Verified
    CEO of Voice123 | Remote leader | Board game enthusiast!
    Tomás Gutiérrez Meoz Verified
    CEO of Tribe
    Santiago Jaramillo Verified
    Chief Operations Officer at Torre Technologies Co.

    About Emma:

    Emma is the holding that currently owns most of Bunny Studio, Voice123, Torre, Tribe, and others. You'll be tasked with making an amazing startup studio out of Emma. • Our existing companies include: • Torre ( ), a new professional network for flexible work. • Voice123 ( ), the first and largest platform to cast professional voice actors. • Bunny Studio ( ), a highly-automated platform that offers mission-critical creative outsourcing. • Tribe ( ), a new take on video communication. • And more. • Our pipeline of ideas to implement include: • A platform for K-12 remote schooling. • A marketplace for creative assets that are created automatically using AI. • A SaaS product for automating the managing of the flexible workers. • A solution for cross-border remote workers to better manage their finances. • Etc.

    common perks (for full-time):

    To edit the organization's information go to Emma's team genome.

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    Emma has to validate your admin access to edit their information. You won’t be able to edit until it is approved.

    Need assistance?

    Contact torre’s support team
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    Have you personally raised more than USD$5,000,000 for a business, venture fund, or equivalent?
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