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    A fast-growing start-up with a well-experienced team.

    USD500 - 800/monthly

    + Remote-first.

    + Worldwide teammates.

    + Flexible schedule.

    Ongoing project(s) (~20 hours per week)
    GMT-09:00 to GMT-01:00
    Posted 11 months ago by
    Renzo Martínez Verified
    Recruiting Manager
    Carlos Lopera Bustillos Verified
    Dedicated Recruiter
  • Expectations

    Skills and experience required

    Proficient Knowledgeable in the skill and requires minimal supervision.
    No experience, but interested Interested in developing the skill.

    Language(s) required

    English - Native or fully fluent Understands and communicates fluently, including complex ideas, both written and spoken. Equivalent to B2 level and upwards of the Common European Framework.
    Responsibilities and more
    ✅ Responsibilities: • Work hand in hand with the operation team to optimize the platform and/or new developments that drive growth. • Job curation and suggestion. Getting a digest of jobs that have been found and analyzed for the user. • Introductions to mentors and network connections. • Collaborate in strategic definitions of the operations and growth plan. ✅ Important: • Startup experiences are a plus. • You are expected to understand and produce articles or reports, clear speeches, and regular meetings in English. • Due to our contract and payment provider we use, and international work laws, unfortunately, we can't hire candidates from: - Afghanistan - Burundi - The Central African Republic - Congo Republic - Cuba - Crimea - The Democratic Republic of Congo - Eritrea - Guinea - Guinea-Bissau - Iran - Iraq - Laos - Liberia - Libya - Myanmar - North Korea - Papua New Guinea - Somalia - South Sudan - Sudan - Syria - Vanuatu - Venezuela - Yemen - Zimbabwe.
  • Meet your team

    Alexander Torrenegra Verified
    Head of Torre. Investor at Shark Tank. Co-founder of Tribe. Co-founder of Bunny Studio.
    Andrés Cajiao Verified
    Co-Founder at Torre Leader
    Manuela A. Torres Floréz Verified
    Platform operator at Torre access | Entrepreneur | Economist Leader

    About Torre AI:

    Torre is your matching network for work. We are looking for passionate professionals that will help us make finding work and finding talent transparent, humane, unbiased, and automated. Torre es tu red de nuevas conexiones laborales. Buscamos profesionales apasionados que nos ayuden a que encontrar trabajo o talento sea transparente, humano, imparcial y automatizado.


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    To help you save time and make informed decisions:

    • Torre matches candidates and jobs using many factors.
    • Torre ranks candidates automatically.
    • As you use Torre, it learns which factors are most important to you and customizes its algorithms.
    • Factors have a different weight on the overall score.
    Torre match and rank are still experimental tools. Your feedback and usage will help improve them.

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  • Questions

    Comments and questions about this job

    Screening questions for candidates

    These are screening questions of the application process that will filter and rank candidates.

    Multiple choice
    You are applying for a Torre Prime job opening for Torre Labs. Because of this, you can find the steps you will take in the recruiting process below:

    Step 1:
    You will answer 3 quick screening questions (5 min).

    Step 2:
    You will do a Torre Testing to validate your skills (at least 60mins)
    You will require a computer with a good internet connection. (You will need to schedule it before finishing the application process).

    If you are one of the top-ranked applicants after the Torre Testing validation, you will proceed to the next step.

    Step 3:
    Manuela Torres, Platform operator at Torre access, will interview you (20 min).

    Step 4:
    Job offer (15 min).

    Are you ok with the process?
    Open (written answer)
    Do you have experience working on remote startups? Describe your main responsibilities and what you liked best and least.
    Open (written answer)
    Why are you passionate about helping others?
    Open (written answer)
    Have you ever collaborated in strategic definitions of the operations and growth plan for other firms?
    We will review your application in less than 24 hours and confirm with you via our chat, Torre Messenger, if you are moving forward in the process and if you will need to perform a Torre Testing & Certification session to validate your skills.

    Otherwise, you will receive an email informing you that your event was canceled. It will be sent via (please make sure that those messages are not arriving in your spam folder).

    You will need 1 hour of availability. Please ensure proper headphones, a microphone, and a computer with a good internet connection.

    We will confirm the interview with the best-ranked candidates up-to-date. We highly recommend scheduling your slot as soon as possible, so you can increase your chances of getting to the next step.

    Schedule your session here:

    After scheduling the session, you will receive a confirmation email. There, you will find the instructions to reschedule your session, if needed.
  • Stats

    1344 job opening visitor(s).
    119 candidate(s) started an application.
    55 candidate(s) have completed their application.
    54 applicant(s) have been reviewed.
    (20 of the top 20 applicant(s) have been reviewed)
    28 applicant(s) have been mutual matched.
    0 hired.
    • 1 applicant(s) were automatically disqualified during the initial set of screening questions.
    • The top 20 applicants are usually reviewed within about 12 hours.
    • 43% of applicants have been informed of disqualification reasons.
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