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    Join one of the fastest growing companies in the US, with work stability, an amazing work environment, and professional growth right now.

    USD140K - 160K/year

    + Work stability.

    + Fast-paced work environment.

    + Creative development.

    + Lots of learning on how to run and build successful businesses.

    + Equipment provided.

    + Unlimited PTO

    + Work wherever and whenever is best for you.

    + We offer best in class health care benefits, and cover 75% for you, and 50% for your dependents.

    + $100/ mo gym & house cleaning stipends.

    + $500 annual learning & development, and a $200 technology stipend.

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    Remote (for United States residents)
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    Andres Camilo Meza Porto Verified
    Account Manager
    Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski 🧠
    Creating a future of work to benefit enterprises and talent alike.
    Maria Catalina Morales Verified
    Head of Candidate Recruitment
  • Expectations

    Skills and experience required

    Expert Experienced enough to perform without supervision.

    Language(s) required

    English - Fully fluent Understands and communicates fluently, including complex ideas, both written and spoken. Equivalent to B2 level and upwards of the Common European Framework.
    Responsibilities and more
    About the Role: As Executive Assistant, you sit at the epicenter of the executive team, supporting both Co-Founders with day-to-day operations and administrative activities. This role will have a front-row seat to the development of the Braintrust Network and is critical to the high-performance, agile, remote work culture the company has built. A successful candidate in this role will thrive in a fast-paced culture, be organized to the bone, and always think three steps ahead. They will have an owner’s mindset and do their best work wearing many hats, seeing each new challenge as an opportunity for learning and growth. They will be extremely positive, professional, and persistent in their internal and external communications and interactions. Not only that, but they will be the backbone of company operations, always looking to improve our efficiency and outcomes. Responsibilities: - Develop a deep understanding of our business, the key players, and top priorities company-wide. Use this knowledge to ensure we are operating at a high level and to find efficiencies wherever possible. - Become the face of Braintrust; a go-to resource for investors, external stakeholders, and team members with questions about day-to-day company operations. - Communicate with internal and external stakeholders clearly, concisely, professionally, and representative of our high-performance culture. - Manage the inbox and calendar for our Co-Founders. Help them organize inbound emails, draft replies, and strategically schedule meetings as necessary for maximum efficiency. - Support Co-Founders with scheduling, organization, and prioritization, particularly during high volume periods. - Sit in on key external and internal meetings. Ensure all meetings have Zoom/dial-in info, a crisp agenda, and that executives are prepared. - Proactively and consistently follow up, relay key information, and ensure action items are delegated to appropriate department leaders and team members. - Own company-wide administrative tasks, including scheduling, managing subscriptions, and services, receiving mail, sending contracts or NDAs, etc. - Periodically organize team travel and events. About you: We believe this person could come from a variety of backgrounds. Here are a few profiles that could be a good fit for this role: - An aspiring entrepreneur who wants a front-row seat to building a company. After a year in this seat, you will be able to navigate just about anything! - A project manager who keeps the trains running on time with little oversight. Someone who’s driven by a desire to help and ensure plans are delivered on time. - A generalist who loves learning, and organizing and has a passion for operations. - A person who has previously worked as chief of staff or executive assistant at junior levels. - A person with a background in management consultancy. Are you still with us? If so, you’re: - Sharp, agile, adaptable - Highly personable; kind, positive, warm, and friendly - High integrity; we need to trust you implicitly - Relentlessly ambitious - With high bandwidth - A direct and clear communicator - Creative and always looking for new ways of doing things Requirements: - 4-5 years of professional work experience, ideally at a startup, in administrative or project manager roles. Junior executive assistant and chief of staff as well. - Ability to manage logistics, multiple concurrent projects, and constantly changing timelines at a high-growth company. - Strong attention to detail; there is no detail too small - Pro user of organizational and operational tools, including G Suite & Asana - Clear and concise communicator, both written and spoken - Extremely organized, quick, and efficient - Hardworking - Process-oriented self-starter who can identify and fill gaps - Thrive in a flexible, remote-only environment - Experience with G-suite and Asana. Braintrust is using Agile Recruitment for this process. You can find the steps you will take below: Step 1: You will answer 4 quick screening questions. [5 mins] Step 2: You will do a Torre Testing & Certification session to validate your skills [60 mins]. (We will send you the link to this session via Torre Messenger as soon as the recruiter confirms that you fulfill the requirements for this job opening. This usually happens in less than 24 hours). Step 3: Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski, co-founder of Brainturst will interview you. [30 mins] Step 4: Job offer [30 mins].
  • Meet your team

    Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski 🧠
    Creating a future of work to benefit enterprises and talent alike.

    About Braintrust:

    We’re creating a new marketplace business model that is owned and operated by the community and powered by a blockchain token. Founded by two serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits, Adam Jackson and Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski. We have 500+ Fortune 1,000 customers including Nestle, Nike, Porsche, Deloitte, Twitter, Coursera & more. We’ve raised $142M in funding from leading Silicon Valley Investors including Tiger Global Management, Coatue, Coinbase Ventures, IDEO, Blockchange, Uprising, True Ventures, Homebrew, ACME & more. Likewise, we’ve been featured in The New York Times, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal & more.


    - We’re not going after a small problem or a small market. We’re creating a new economic model for how work gets done globally. - We believe talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not; our ambition is to spread economic opportunity more equitably around the world. - At Braintrust, the work you do will help accelerate innovation for enterprises, and make a difference in the lives of freelancers.

    common perks (for full-time):

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