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    Posted 7 months ago by
    Andrés Cajiao Verified
    Co-Founder at Torre
    Valentina López García Verified
    Growth Analyst of Torre Access
    Maria Catalina Morales Verified
    Head of Candidate Recruitment
    Daniela Martinez Verified
    Recruiting Advisor in Torre
  • Expectations

    Skills and experience required

    Proficient Knowledgeable in the skill and requires minimal supervision.
    Beginner Low levels of experience and may require significant supervision.

    Language(s) required

    English - Conversational Understands and communicates the main points of a conversation both written and spoken. Equivalent to B1 level of the Common European Framework.
    Spanish - Conversational Understands and communicates the main points of a conversation both written and spoken. Equivalent to B1 level of the Common European Framework.
    Responsibilities and more
    You decide the number of candidates you want to help. No minimum or maximum hours are required ✅ Responsibilities: - Perform 2 sessions per candidate. - Analyze candidate’s job search. - Help the candidates optimize their résumé as well as their online profiles; and get prepared for their technical interviews and tests. - Report all sessions before the end of the day you were informed of it. It is also your responsibility to make sure the session was properly reported. - You have to acknowledge messages in #coaches and your personal ops-room. - You should reply to all messages as soon as you can and try to be the last person who answers in a conversation with the team and candidates. - Be inquisitive and provide candid feedback to your peers and team members. Always remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. ✅ Values: - Trust. We trust you and the work you do. However, if that trust is broken, we can’t work together. - Communication among peers. The basis for any good relationship is communication and trust. Thus, it's ok and expected, for you to over-communicate with your peers to make sure we all are on the same page. This should happen, ideally, via public channels. We will also commit to this cause. - Punctuality. It is expected that you attend all alignment meetings on time. We should be starting all meetings at the time o’clock. If for any reason you are not available to attend, communicate it in the public channel that includes the team that will be meeting so that everyone involved is aware before the meeting starts. ✅ Important: Due to our contract and payment provider we use, and international work laws, unfortunately, we can't hire candidates from: -Afghanistan -Burundi -The Central African Republic -Congo Republic -Cuba -Crimea -The Democratic Republic of Congo -Eritrea -Guinea -Guinea-Bissau -Iran -Iraq -Laos -Liberia -Libya -Myanmar -North Korea -Papua New Guinea -Somalia -South Sudan -Sudan -Syria -Vanuatu -Venezuela -Yemen -Zimbabwe
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    Andrés Cajiao Verified
    Co-Founder at Torre Leader
    Alexander Torrenegra Verified
    CEO of Torre, the matching network for work. Founder of Tribe, Bunny Studio, and Voice123. Investor. 🦈.
    Valentina López García Verified
    Growth Analyst of Torre Access

    About Torre Labs:

    Torre is your matching network for work. We are looking for passionate professionals that will help us make finding work and finding talent transparent, humane, unbiased, and automated. Torre es tu red de nuevas conexiones laborales. Buscamos profesionales apasionados que nos ayuden a que encontrar trabajo o talento sea transparente, humano, imparcial y automatizado.


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    • Factors have a different weight on the overall score.
    Torre match and rank are still experimental tools. Your feedback and usage will help improve them.

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