Torre Prime | Get the best of recruiting with Torre Prime

Get the best of recruiting with Torre Prime

One low monthly investment. No extra fees.
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How does it work?

  • Dedicated senior recruiting advisor
    Dedicated senior recruiting advisor 24/7 support, and on-demand help from the entire Torre Prime team.
  • Job posting for you
    Job posting for you Job post creation and proofreading, compensation advice, and company branding. Full-timers, freelancers, and interns.
  • We get candidates for you
    We get candidates for you Torre’s own network, sourcing, free distribution to other job boards, and social media sharing.
  • Candidate screening and testing
    Candidate screening and testing Psychometric testing and matching, background checks, and interview schedulling.

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“They seem to have a better talent pool than anywhere else.”
Co-Founder & CEO
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“On Torre you can find not only quantity but quality of candidates as well.”
Co-Founder & CEO
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“It’s easy to use. You can feel confident there's a good team behind the platform that has your back.“

How do we compare?

Recruitment before Torre

  • Many vendors
  • Unstructured data
  • Poor data sharing
  • Poor organizational memory
  • Large candidate loss

Leading to:

  • Slow recruiting
  • Expensive process
  • Poor decision making
  • Poor user experience
Recruitment before Torre

Recruitment with Torre

  • One vendor
  • Centralized, structured data
  • Real-time feedback
  • Self-reinforcing memory loops

Leading to:

  • Fast, interviewless recruiting
  • Objective decision making
  • Cohesive user experience
Recruitment with Torre


You recruit in

Simultaneous openings
(regardless of the amount of hires)
(we manually identify and invite candidates)
Prime1 1 USD $199/mo
Prime3 Up to 3 USD $599/mo
Prime6 Up to 6 USD $1199/mo
Prime10 Up to 10 USD $1999/mo
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