Torre Psychometrics | Actionable psychometric assessments for recruitment

Actionable psychometric assessments for recruitment

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How it works

  • We test your team Both top and bottom performers.
  • We identify common traits Algorithms identify both positive and negative correlations.
  • We test new candidates Candidates take the same test. Top candidates are identified using AI.
  • You hire the best matching candidates 🎉

What's included

  • Personality and professional culture traits Based on the scientifically-validated HEXACO and OCP instruments.
  • Test logistics We take care of the project if needed.
  • Software integration Torre Psychometrics integrates with the most popular HR tools.
  • Analytics On-demand for common requests. On request for unique needs.
  • Dedicated psychometrics specialist And on-demand support from the entire Torre Psychometrics team.

Easy to begin

No minimum commitment. Pay as you go and scale on demand.

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“They seem to have a better talent pool than anywhere else.”
Co-Founder & CEO
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“On Torre you can find not only quantity but quality of candidates as well.”
Co-Founder & CEO
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“It’s easy to use. You can feel confident there's a good team behind the platform that has your back.“